Northwest DanceSport Policies


 1. Cancellations: When canceling a lesson reservation, you must give Northwest DanceSport a minimum of 24 hours notice to avoid being charged for the lesson. Notice can be made by telephone or by email. Some consideration will be given for emergencies.

 2. Late Lessons: If you are late, or you do not show up for your lesson reservation, your lesson will still be considered provided at the scheduled time, it will end on time and you will be billed accordingly. If Northwest DanceSport is late for your lesson and unable to make up the time to your satisfaction the same day without interruption, a credit of lesson time will be given to you. The credit amount will be determined in the following manor. If your lesson is started more than 5 minutes late, you will receive the first hour of instruction at no cost to you. If your lesson is started more than 15 minutes late, you will receive the entire lesson at no cost to you.

 3. Canceled Course: All regular lesson purchases are final after 3 business days. If you request a refund before that time, you will receive a full refund less the cost of any lessons actually used. The deduction amount will be determined by using the standard full price rate for lessons. If you have paid by check, refunds will only be given after the funds have cleared the bank. If you have paid by credit card, the charge will be reversed. All cancellations need to be in writing and delivered either in person or by mail to Rick Gossard d.b.a. Northwest DanceSport, 27013 Pacific Hwy. S., #265, Des Moines, WA 98198. No special format is required.

 4. Special Sales: All special promotion purchases (or Sales) with higher than normal discounts, are final when purchased. No refunds will be given on these purchases. No exceptions.

 5. Trips, Competitions and Other Services: In consideration of operation and third party costs of Northwest DanceSport, all purchases of competition or trip packages will be final after the posted deadline. If canceled prior to the posted deadline and after three business days, a 20% service fee together with any third party unrecoverable expenses shall be deducted from any refund given. Purchase of trip cancellation insurance is recommended if you anticipate the possibility of a cancellation. Any additional credits given will be at the sole discretion of Northwest DanceSport and shall not be deemed a waiver of this policy.

 6. Expiration: In consideration of operation costs of Northwest DanceSport, all lessons, whether actually used or not, shall have a minimum expiration of 1 private hour and one class hour per month or proportionately over 12 months, whichever comes first. Any lessons taught after this expiration will be at the sole discretion of Northwest DanceSport and shall not be deemed a waiver of this policy.

 7. Student Conduct: Northwest DanceSport provides a professional service. Although learning to dance is meant to be fun, your use of profanities or making lewd remarks during lessons, the drinking of alcohol immediately before a lesson or the wearing of overly revealing attire will not tolerated. Only one warning will be given. After that, you will be asked to leave that day and you will still be charged for the lesson.

 8. Transfer of Service: Lessons are a personal service and are only transferable to a third party if both you and Northwest DanceSport agree on the recipient.




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